We’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but I am happy to announce this is going to change. From now on, we will be using the blog to let you, our users, know about upcoming updates and releases to OSCAR, and share any important news you should be aware of concerning OscarHost.
New Phone System
You might have noticed if you called us this week that our phone system has changed. Our phone number remains the same (1-888-686-8560), but our menu options have changed. To reach OscarHost support team, dial 1, then 2. You can also still contact us by email at support@oscarhost.ca.

Next Release
March 23rd, 2017: We will be releasing an update on secure 26 and 27 at 1:00am local time.

How do I know which secure my OSCAR instance is related to?
To identify your secure number, look at the URL (the web address) displayed in your Internet browser when you are logged in to OSCAR. The first part of the URL, “secure#”, will tell you which one you are related to.
Stay tuned for more updates!