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We take the "Juno" branch of an open-source electronic medical records (EMR) software which was originally released by McMaster University* and host it in the cloud so you can access it everywhere, anytime you need it.

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Why the Juno branch?

At Juno EMR Services we build, host and support an open-source electronic medical record (EMR) software known as Juno EMR. Juno EMR is modified branch of an open-source EMR originally developed at McMaster University. The Juno EMR software focuses on the following 4 core ideals:

  • Feature stability
  • Accessibility through Cloud Hosting Environment
  • Integrations with trusted 3rd party applications
  • Full deployment of the "New UI"

Our medical office has been working with Juno since 2012, I don't know what I'd do without these wonderful people. Always polite, courteous, professional and accommodating. They never make me feel rushed and always treat us with respect.

We have been with Juno since 2013. Their support is quick, friendly, fast and pain free. Either through email or phone, the support staff understands all our needs no matter how mundane the problem is.

Why Cloud Based?

At Juno EMR we provide a cloud-based or "ASP" model strategy for our clients. There are many advantages to deploying software in a cloud-based model but the biggest two are Accessibility and Simplicity.

  • Because your EMR exists in the cloud and you can access it through a web browser, you can access it from anywhere that has internet access including your office, your home, the hospital, or even your mobile phone.
  • Simplicity
  • Say good bye to expensive and hard to manage in-office servers, backups, and local machine software deployments. At Juno EMR we take care of all of this in the cloud and you can access your EMR through a web browser like your online banking or web based email.
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Integrations save you time

Lab integrations

Juno EMR Services maintains automated lab integrations with most of the major lab providers in Canada and more are coming on board all the time. With Juno EMR your time sensitive labs are imported directly into your EMR.

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Patient Engagement

Connect with your patients online with Automated Appointment notifications, Secure Messaging and Online Booking. Streamline your office processes, save time and money, while increasing patient satisfaction.

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Provincial Billing Integrations

Bill right from your EMR to your provincial ministry. Manage your own billing or have us do it for you. Get paid faster with fewer rejections and less time spent on billing with Juno EMR's provincial billing integrations

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We have excellent service. We love the team at Juno EMR. We are always pleased with their prompt attention.