Our Story


Today over 3,000 practitioners and 3+ million patients use our EMR solutions.

We constantly listen and react to our clients specific needs. For example, after learning about our customers’ struggles with medical billing, we launched ClinicAid, a medical billing tool for Juno EMR, to reduce time spent on billing and reconciliations, increase claims revenue, and reduce claim rejections. ClinicAid is fully integrated with Juno EMR and has processed over $1 billion in client invoices to date.

We thrive on making the lives of doctors easier and creating software that truly supports clinicians. Juno EMR can also help with online appointment booking, appointment confirmations, telehealth, secure messaging, and document sharing. We are proud to say we help thousands of clinicians and millions of patients across Canada everyday. Contact us today for more information.

Juno EMR product image