About Us

Our mission

Juno EMR is a division of Cloud Practice Inc, we make EMR easier. Juno EMR exists to provide healthcare providers in Canada with access to a stable version of an open-source EMR that can help reduce the barriers to EMR adoption and increase the utility of EMR through code changes, amazing support and integration with external services through API.

We aim to provide as close to a software-as-a-service experience as possible in the Canadian medical record industry. We accomplish this through cloud-hosting, automated deployment, disaster recovery through 100% redundancy, remote training and support. By deploying our service in this fashion our goal is to offer no set-up fees, allow clients to get started faster than ever before, and lower the overall total cost of ownership for a medical clinic.

At Juno EMR Services we build, host and support an open-source electronic medical record (EMR) software. Juno EMR is modified branch of another open-source EMR commonly referred to as OSCAR McMaster. Our EMR offering provides our customers with a feature rich EMR, vetted by a large community, that can be customized for their needs without breaking the bank.

Our story

Cloud Practice Inc. was started in February 2012 by co-founders Jordan Visco, Conan Morris and Jordan Nicholas. Our first service offering to be deployed was Juno EMR (originally called OscarHost) a hosting and support provider for an open-source EMR system created at McMaster University. Before long we realized that one of the major features missing from the EMR was billing integrations in new provinces and in January 2013 we started ClinicAid, our medical billing software. In 2015 we launched our MyHealthAccess patient engagement portal to extend the usefulness of the software and streamline office/patient communications.

Today we support medical software programs for thousands of medical providers all across Canada from our office in downtown Victoria BC Canada.

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