Patient Charts image
Patient Charts

Some of Juno EMR’s patient chart features include quick access to organized patient data and a full picture of the patient chart in one view.

Medical Billing icon
Medical Billing

Juno EMR’s cloud-based Clinical Billing Intelligence platform helps you spend up to 65% less time on billing and gets doctors paid 27% faster.

Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling

Some of Juno EMR’s appointment scheduling features are: book new patients and create new patient charts at the same time with a single click, find doctor availability at a glance and drag and drop patient appointments between different doctors schedules.

eLabs icon
eLabs & Imaging

Some of Juno EMR’s labs & imaging features include: seamless lab integration. Our digital and paperless labs that integrate with provincial health authorities, hospitals, and private health services. Also, imaging and hospital reports are both directly attached to patient charts and emailed to the doctors’ inbox. Also, compare lab results with drug regimens to gauge effectiveness of treatment.

Forms icon

Easily customizable forms helps your office complete forms fast. Patient information like name, date, recent lab results, etc. automatically populates in Juno EMR’s form template to make your job fast & easy.

Prescriptions icon

Some of Juno EMR’s prescription features are: automatically calculate amount, dosage, and expiry dates based on a doctors written instruction. Store frequently used instructions for commonly prescribed meds and receive allergy and drug interaction warnings.

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Online Appointment Booking

Online booking is available 24/7 on the app or on the website. Medical office staff can easily manage doctors’ appointment schedules, patient records and individual appointments.

Consults & Referrals
Consults & Referrals

Juno EMR’s features include: build a consultation request directly from a patient chart. Also, add information from recent encounters, attach documentation, or forward lab results with the click of a button.

Virtual Visits icon
Virtual Visits

A convenient web portal and both iOS and Android apps make it easy for patients to visit you virtually on their own schedule.

Document sharing icon
Document Sharing

Our messaging system makes it simple to upload and send important paperwork directly to your patients instantly and securely. Patients can also take close up photos of their conditions and send them securely to doctors.

Tasks & Reminders icon
Tasks & Reminders

Juno EMR can help you create reminders and tasks within your workflow to save time and ensure processes are followed.

Appointment Reminders & Confirmations icon
Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Patients can confirm their appointments via text or email. Your patients will receive an automated confirmation request and you will see their appointment confirmation status instantly in Juno EMR.

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Secure Messaging

Juno EMR provides safe, secure messaging so that you can advise your patients, provide prompt access to test results, and transfer documents with ease – and peace of mind.