Patient booking can become a frustrating aspect of a patient’s relationship with your practice. Whether this is due to outdated booking options, limited availability, or time-consuming confirmation processes, most medical practices deal with obstacles in managing patient appointments.

Patient booking inefficiencies can lead to over- or under-booking, which can leave clinics struggling. This can have a negative impact on patient care/relationships, and ultimately, the bottom line of your practice.

Juno EMR’s online patient booking software lets your patients book appointments online through an intuitive booking interface on the web or through the MyHealthAccess mobile app. Juno offers easy, set-and-forget features that allow your practice to create customizable schedules, control who can and cannot book appointments, set up virtual telehealth appointments, and allow users to book appointments for their dependents.

Juno EMR’s online patient appointment booking software makes self-scheduling and appointment management a breeze.

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