Virtual Care in Juno EMR is here! 

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we’ve been working hard on updates to our MyHealthAccess patient portal to bring a tightly integrated Telehealth option to our platform which will allow our customers to easily see their patients virtually. For the past few months we’ve been beta testing this system with select customers and we’re pleased to announce today that our virtual care platform is now available for all Juno EMR users.

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently gripping our country and the world at large Virtual Health can play a key role in the delivery of care. It can ensure that patients who do not need to come into the office can see their care provider from home.  It can also ensure that patients who could possibly have the virus can be assessed from home and given instructions before coming into an office and possibly endangering others.

Due to the severity of the situation our company has made the decision to offer our Virtual Care offering for FREE OF CHARGE for a trial period until July 1st.

Our focus is on helping our customers and their patients during this epidemic and lowering the barriers to using Telehealth.

Here is a quick demonstration on using Telehealth in JunoEMR:

How to get started

It’s important to note that getting set-up for the MyHealthAccess Telehealth platform will require customers to first integrate MyHealthAccess with their Juno.  Customers who are not already using MyHealthAccess will need to get set-up before they can take advantage of the new Telehealth features.

Customers already integrated with MyHealthAccess for online booking will be able to start using Telehealth once we enable the feature in your EMR. Once enabled, the new Telehealth feature will add a MyHealthAccess tab to the top of your EMR allowing you to quickly access your MyHealthAccess Clinic Admin portal.  Launching a booked Telehealth appointment from Juno EMR will be as easy as clicking the Telehealth icon on the appointment within your schedule screen.

Virtual Care in Juno EMR - 300x43 image

In order to lessen the probability of missing a Telehealth visit, our integration requires that patients sign up for a MyHealthAccess account before booking Telehealth appointments and that the office links those accounts to a valid demographic record in Juno EMR.

Currently, the booking of a Telehealth appointment has to be done by the patient.  Within the next few days however, we will roll-out a new feature which will allow offices to book their own Telehealth appointments with patients as long as they have a connected MyHealthAccess account.

As governments around the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and look to integrate Telehealth into the delivery of their healthcare models, we encourage you to take advantage of our offering. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of our MyHealthAccess Telehealth option, please contact us.