Email notifications feature update, OntarioMD funding ends, and BC MSP fees increase

Just a few quick updates regarding the email notifications feature, the OntarioMD funding program, and a recent change to BC’s MSP fee schedule. Find out more about the changes below. Email notifications without online booking The feature that sends email notifications for appointments is now available for Oscar

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New features for ClinicAid billing add-on and client profile | OscarHost blog

Spring is upon us and we hope you’re enjoying the longer days as much as we are! We’ve been using the extra light to update the ClinicAid billing software, a module that can easily integrate into your OSCAR instance. This update allows for automatic code associations to facilitate even faster billing. We also

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BC MSP cut-off dates for 2014

BC physicians and medical practitioners are able to electronically submit their Medical Service Plan (MSP) claims through the Teleplan system. Cut-off dates for Teleplan claim submissions in BC occur twice a month. Remittance files are posted about 7-10 days after cut-off, with payment being made shortly

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