Spring is upon us and we hope you’re enjoying the longer days as much as we are!

We’ve been using the extra light to update the ClinicAid billing software, a module that can easily integrate into your OSCAR instance. This update allows for automatic code associations to facilitate even faster billing.

We also have our first client profile, a brief introduction to one of our oldest OscarHost users, Amari Medical Clinic. More details about the BC billing updates and our brief interview with Dr. Sachit Shah from Amari Medical Clinic can be found below.

New features for ClinicAid billing add-on - image

New features for ClinicAid billing add-on

One of the features we’ve been hard at work on is code associations for our ClinicAid-integrated OSCAR users. This new feature will allow ClinicAid users to create invoices that auto-fill multiple codes associated with one another. For example, when billing an injection, an association can be created for the code to automatically also bill for the office visit. Code associations are easily created within the interface and will allow users to save time when completing their billing through ClinicAid.

For BC ClinicAid users, we’ve also added age-based service codes that automatically fill the appropriate code based on the patient’s age. Once the age association code is selected on an invoice, the billing software will complete the correct service code for that particular patient.

These new features make ClinicAid an even more user-friendly option for BC OSCAR users. If you’d like to see how our ClinicAid billing software can help you bill quicker and easier, please get in touch for a free demo.

Introducing Amari Medical Clinic

Amari Medical Clinic is one of our oldest clients here at OscarHost. The clinic is based in Surrey, BC and serves White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and other surrounding areas. Its focus is on family practice, but also offers chiropractic, massage therapy, and rehabilitation services.

The clinic has been making use of EMR since 1999 and became an OscarHost client in 2012. Staff at Amari are currently also using the MyHealthAccess application, integrated with their OscarHost instance, and already have over 1000 patient connections.

Dr. Shah is one of the physicians at Amari Medical Clinic and has worked in Surrey since 1997. Initially starting as a solo practitioner, he now works with over 10 physicians in multiple locations. When asked what he likes about OscarHost’s services, this is what he had to say:  

“We have had excellent service. We love Oscarhost. We are always pleased with their prompt attention.”

Introducing Amari Medical Clinic - image
Dr. Sachit Shah  


One of the clinic staff’s favourite features about using OscarHost combined with MyHealthAccess is the ease with which patients are able to make appointments.

Thank you for your continued support, Dr. Shah and Amari Medical Clinic!

We wish you a very bright and warm start to spring!