Brand new OscarHost site launched + Alberta lab integration fundraiser

We’ve got a couple of updates regarding our brand new OscarHost website and a fundraiser we’ve set up for creating an OSCAR lab integration in Alberta. Read more about each below. Brand new OscarHost website launched! We’ve officially launched our new OscarHost website! We hope the updated look will attract

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Alberta Lab Interface for Oscar EMR

Exciting new update on May 15th!“We just received final AHS approval for our first two offices! Extremely exciting. We’re ready to go live once the interface and Oscar version issues have been solved!” Oscar Host is creating a labs interface for Oscar EMR in Alberta. We have already passed conformance testing for

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New OSCAR integrations released | The OscarHost blog

We’re happy to announce a number of new integrations for our OscarHost users across the country! You will find information regarding our ClinicAid billing integration and lab integrations in Alberta below. ClinicAid billing integration As you may already know, we’ve built a billing system called ClinicAid

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