We’re happy to announce a number of new integrations for our OscarHost users across the country! You will find information regarding our ClinicAid billing integration and lab integrations in Alberta below.

New OSCAR integrations released - image

ClinicAid billing integration

As you may already know, we’ve built a billing system called ClinicAid that streamlines the billing process for medical professionals in Canada. The ClinicAid software can easily be fully integrated into the BC, Alberta, and Ontario versions of OSCAR that we host at your request.

If you’re having trouble mastering OSCAR’s billing system and are interested in trying out a different solution, please ask us for a demo of ClinicAid or view our demo video online. We’re happy to walk you through the features in order to help make your billing process easier!

Alberta lab integration with OSCAR

Another integration that we’ve been working on is a lab integration for OSCAR in Alberta. If you or your colleagues are interested in getting your lab results directly into you OSCAR account, please contact us for more information.

We are excited to soon be launching an open-source and fully functional Oscar EMR alternative for physicians in Alberta which will include lab integrations and billing through ClinicAid!

New support link

You can now also easily access our support knowledge-base without needing to log into your OscarHost account. You will find a link directly under your login that will take you to the OscarHost support portal.
New support link (OscarHost) - image

If you have any questions or feedback with regard to these new integrations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!