We’re listening.

Last week we sent out a feedback survey and we’d like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who took the time to fill it out and let you know, “We’re really listening!” If you haven’t had the chance to fill out the survey yet but would still like to you can do so by clicking here.

Overall the feedback we received was extremely positive but there were a number of places some customers felt we could improve. We’d like to take a quick moment here to address a couple of those and make sure everyone is aware of the resources we currently have available and some that will become available in the future.

1. eForms – One of the consistent pieces of feedback we received is that people wished eForms were more accessible for them. eForms are a big part of most of our customer’s OSCAR experience and can save you a lot of time in your practice. The trouble with eForms is that while there are many eForms that are shareable across offices, many more are very local or even individual or need to be customized for a particular customer’s experience. Here are some eForm resources you may not know about:

  • Did you know we have over 800 eForms available on our support portal at https://help.www.junoemr.com . These forms can be easily inserted into your OSCAR program by you or by our team for you. Email your requests to support@junoemr.com if you need help.
  • Thousands of eForms exist on the OSCAR usergroup website here: http://oscarcanada.org/oscar-users/emr-resource/eform/eform-examples
  • Did you know you can create eForms yourself by using the eForm generator within the OSCAR admin? We can train you on how to use it yourself or you can watch the video here or this one here or download a guide here.
  • Did you know we can build eForms for you? Just email support@junoemr.com with the details of the form you’re looking for. Sometimes there will be a small cost associated with creating a new form but we’ll always let you know before beginning work.
2. Integrations – Did you know that OSCAR has an API that allows other software systems to connect to it securely? We already integrate with a few different external systems that can make life easier for our customers such as:
  • OceanMD
  • Cliniconex
  • Livecare
  • ClinicAid
  • MyHealthAccess
At Juno we are open to integrating with many different partners. If there is something you would like specifically from this list or another partner that has integrated with OSCAR please let us know.

3. Government and community involvement – Most of our customers probably aren’t aware but at Juno EMR we are currently undergoing an ISO13485:2016 certification audit to have our service quality certified as a medical device. This certification will allow our company to apply for OntarioMD certification and get our Ontario customers access to OLIS and HRM. In BC we’re a part of the MSVA and we’ve opened a dialogue with Doctors of BC and will be involved in their upcoming quarterly EMR vendor consultation meetings. In Alberta we’re working with AHS to bring our automated lab integrations to every corner of the province.

Unfortunately, due to their restrictions, we’ve not been able to join the OscarEMR association of service providers but we continue to have an open dialogue with them about how we can work closer together in the future.

4. OSCAR v15 – We’ve been working hard to get all of our clients upgraded to v15 and progress has been slow but steady for many months now. Between testing, bug fixing, code improvements and new hardware acquisitions our team has been extremely busy with this upgrade. Many customers have been migrated already. Our goal is to have everyone upgraded by the end of the summer although customers with custom features may lag behind the pack.

Keep the feedback coming.

We’re still working through ideas of how we can improve our services but in the meantime if you have any more feedback we would love to receive it at any time so please just email us at support@junoemr.com. If you have any specific issues with using our service that we could fix for you now please also email us directly as the feedback survey was anonymous and we are not able to identify your comments there.