Would you like to send your patients automated email reminders for appointments through OSCAR? We can help your clinic save time, free up resources, and shift focus to more important tasks with a brand new MyHealthAccess feature that does just that!

Because of its integration capabilities, MyHealthAccess can connect to any patient in OSCAR that has a valid email address saved to their patient demographic, regardless of whether or not that patient has a MyHealthAccess account set up. This feature provides you with two main benefits:

1 – it allows you to send more automated reminders with greater ease, saving time and effort for your office staff and,
2 – the reminder email encourages patients to book their appointments online, saving your staff phone time.

MyHealthAccess connects your clinic to your patients online, making booking management much easier for clinic staff. For a quick demonstration of all of the software’s features and how it integrates seamlessly with OSCAR, please check out our demonstration video.

MyHealthAccess account set up - image

If you are interested in finding out more about how to turn this feature for your OscarHost account, please get in touch and we can get you started!