SASKATCHEWAN, Canada — Cloud Practice Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its ClinicAid medical billing and practice management software in Saskatchewan. Healthcare practitioners in the province will now be able to significantly streamline their billing process, submitting claims to the Medical Services Branch (MSB) and receiving assessments on claims directly through the web-based platform.


ClinicAid is built to work with eHealth Saskatchewan’s Internet Claims Submission (ICS) system, allowing care providers or other authorized medical office staff to send and receive claim files electronically via a secure connection. The software is designed specifically to help practitioners bill MSB quickly and accurately while simplifying and automating some of the submission and reconciliation process.


Released in 2012, ClinicAid has quickly expanded to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers in Canada effectively manage their billing and overall medical practice. The software is currently available for direct online billing submission in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario as well.


With smart features like handy look-up tables for service and diagnostic codes, as well as lists of provincial referral providers, ClinicAid aims to save physicians time and money when filling out their claims. Invoice templates and other default settings facilitate claim submission in just a few steps. The intuitive interface and built-in claim checks also help users minimize their rejections, automatically reconcile claim assessments, and keep track of denied or underpaid claims for fast resubmission.


Clyde Smith, billing submitter for Dr. R. Smith and a long-time ClinicAid user has this to say about the software: “ClinicAid has been awesome to work with. The ease of use of the interface, coupled with the personal attention given by the support team has made ClinicAid a pleasure to work with. The system is always live and without glitches, making it very efficient and effective!”


Conveniently accessed from any device with an internet connection, ClinicAid allows users to complete their billing from anywhere, at any time. All skills and specialties are supported for electronic billing and the platform also comes with a private billing module to use for uninsured patients or services not covered by MSB. A comprehensive scheduling module can also be turned on to keep medical office staff on track throughout the day.


“We’ve used our experience in other provinces to make ClinicAid the easiest, most efficient way for providers in Saskatchewan to complete their medical billing.” says Jordan Visco, CEO of Cloud Practice. He goes on to highlight that “Our open API allows ClinicAid to integrate with any Electronic Medical Record system or other Practice Management software, opening up more options for medical practitioners of all kinds when it comes to their practice’s billing process and management needs.”


The software already integrates with popular EMR systems like OSCAR EMR, RevolutionEHR, InputHealth, and others, giving more providers access to the tools they need to make their workflow as smooth and speedy as possible.


For more details about the platform’s features or to begin a free trial, please visit ClinicAid Saskatchewan.

About Cloud Practice Inc.

Cloud Practice Inc. is a private Canadian company that owns ClinicAid, MyHealthAccess, and OscarHost. The company works to help Canadian healthcare practitioners and their patients take advantage of the benefits provided by implementing electronic, cloud-based medical records and software in their practice.


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