Practice Management

The Juno EMR software is not only a full-featured EMR (electronic medical record) but also a complete PM (practice management) program for running a medical office. Whether you’re a part time solo practitioner or a larger facility with 50 practitioners, Juno EMR has the features to streamline your office workflow.

Practice Management Features


The Juno scheduling interface allows you to set and view schedules for unlimited providers or unlimited groups of providers. Set time intervals that make sense for your clinic and set default appointment types to speed up your bookings. Color-coded appointment spaces ensure you always know the appointment statuses of your daily roster and reporting keeps track of your no-shows and cancellations for your reference. Quick links on your appointment slots allow you to access patient demographic details, chart encounter information, create claims, write prescriptions and link to any form you desire.


Take advantage of the Inbox to manage your reports. Have all lab reports and faxes come directly into your Inbox and send them within the EMR to the responsible provider to confidently ensure they are acknowledged and filed. Wherever possible, Juno matches reports with patients and sends them automatically to the associated provider(s). Easily upload batches of scanned files and quickly name, categorize and send them on.


Juno EMR's Tickler functionality is a complete reminders system to ensure tasks can be quickly and efficiently sent to other users in the EMR. Create tasks directly from patient charts, lab reports, documents, demographic files. Set tasks as due now or at any point in the future and track their statuses with the simple Tickler admin interface. When tasks are due for any user in the EMR a red status icon will show on their main dashboard screen alerting them until they are complete.

Consultation Tracker

Track consultation statuses through the Consultation administrator and set follow-up dates. Any overdue consultations will show color coded in red to make identification and follow-up simple. Track consultations by urgency to make sure more urgent issues can be handled in their order of priority.

User Administration

Maintain complete control over the user access privileges in your account with Juno EMR's robust user administration platform. At Juno we don’t limit your ability to set up as many users as you like and we only charge for the number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) care practitioners that actually use the system. You get to decide which users should have which level of access and a robust security log report exists if you need to audit what parts of the program your users are accessing.

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