The Juno Branch

At Juno EMR we create an open source software called Juno EMR, licensed under the GPL v2.0, which is a modified version of software code originally released by McMaster University*.

Download the Juno branch!

Why the Juno EMR Branch?

There are many great open-source EMRs available out there but at Juno EMR we wanted to focus our development resources on the things that matter most to our Canadian customers. It can be hard in an open-source ecosystem to meet everyone’s demands in a single software application so we publish open-source EMR code with a genuine focus on:

  • Stability - to ensure a consistent user experience
  • Accessibility - to allow access from anywhere
  • 3rd Party Integrations - to extend the usefulness of the EMR
  • Full deployment of the new user interface (UI)

Obviously, these are features that every EMR tries to accomplish to the best of their ability but we feel these are where the Juno branch shines the most.

Why open-source?

Some of the benefits of using an open-source software are:

  • No vendor lock-in.
    If you are unsatisfied with your service provider you can more easily migrate your EMR easily to another service provider than with a proprietary vendor
  • Feature sharing, form sharing.
    In the open-source community newly developed features, fixes, forms, plugins, and other enhancements can be easily shared among users
  • Community vetting.
    The open-source EMR community is an active community. All community updates are rigorously tested and reviewed before being applied to the main source code
  • Cost effective.
    Because the software is available freely online all you pay for is our hosting and support

Using open-source software gives you access to the large, engaged community of users, developers, and educators that work together to teach one another, share ideas, create new features, and make continuous improvements to the platform. The open-source technology gives you the freedom to choose your EMR Service Provider and protects your data from proprietary system vendors that lock in users to their particular system setup.

The lack of licensing fees for the open source software keeps your costs much lower versus the proprietary vendors. With Juno, you are paying for the hosting and support to make sure your EMR software installation and clinic are up and running, not the proprietary vendor’s development costs.

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