What is OSCAR McMaster?

OSCAR McMaster is a proven Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
designed by McMaster University for use in all sized clinics or hospitals.

About OSCAR McMaster

OSCAR McMaster's journey began with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in 2001. OSCAR is an acronym for the term Open-Source Clinical Applications Resource. OSCAR McMaster is an EMR or Electronic Medical Records software which includes full practice management capabilities for a medical office.

OSCAR McMaster was designed by doctors for doctors to be used in any medical office as a low cost state-of-the-art EMR system. OSCAR McMaster enjoys the ability to provide service to nearly all front line health professionals such as physiotherapists, midwives, psychologists, nurse practitioners and more with it's diverse clinical functions. OSCAR McMaster is “open-source”. This means that the program software itself is available to be downloaded freely by anyone and the source code is distributed for peer review and collaboration.

A brief history of OSCAR McMaster

OSCAR McMaster was initially conceptualized by Dr. David Chan as far back as 1988 as a DOS program called MUFFIN (McGill University Family Folder Information Network). Dr. Chan was again behind the helm when the OSCAR McMaster project began at the McMaster University in 2001 with the goal of creating an advanced technology software program for medical professionals built on the principles of being patient centred and episode oriented which helped steer it's development.

After a whirlwind year of development OSCAR McMaster was officially launched in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Chan. He had successfully lead the creation of a cutting edge open-source program for medical professionals to be used in Canada, and ultimately worldwide due to it's flexibility and cost effective open source background.

One of the top EMR's in Canada today, with thousands of active clinics across the country OSCAR McMaster is trusted by General Practitioners, and all specialities to help manage the day to day running of their medical practice.



Cost to download the OSCAR McMaster source


vendor lock-in, your data is yours to take if you need it.

What is Open-Source?

OSCAR McMaster is licensed as open-source under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0). Open-source software is non-proprietary and has no licensing fees therefore anyone can download and use the code for free as well as make modifications to improve the software.

Some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world (think Google and Facebook) have created software that they have released as open source to the community to allow for it to grow and evolve through community support and feedback to better improve their own services.

As an OSCAR McMaster user, you aren't restricted to an organization's timetable and updates based on how many of their customers are requesting updates. In the OSCAR McMaster community there are hundreds of developers submitting code in support of thousands of doctors to continually update and perfect the program in real world clinical situations.

Benefits of Open-Source

Some of the additinal benefits of running an open-source software:

  • No Vendor Lock in - Proprietary vendors LOVE to lock in their users. If it's long term costly contracts, or getting you on their system where your data is locked into their proprietary database format making it incredibly difficult for you to export your data anywhere else.
  • Cost effective - With the program itself being open-source and free, all you are paying for is your own costs to support or host your software. Service providers for open-source software are able to provide top level support and hosting for a fraction of the cost of proprietary vendors.
  • Peer reviewed, Secure software - The OSCAR McMaster community is an active community. All community updates are rigorously tested and reviewed before being applied to the main source code.

OSCAR McMaster Features

OSCAR McMaster is a full featured, diverse and very robust EMR. Some of the commonly used features are below:

  • Scheduling - OSCAR McMaster supports multiple schedule templates for multiple doctors within your program. You are able to access patients charts, demographics and billing all right from their booked appointments, making patient management a breeze.
  • Cumulative patient profile -
  • Billing - OSCAR McMaster has a built in billing module for both BC and Ontario with the respective schedule of medical benefits database loaded for easy service code lookup, as well as DX code lookup.
  • Prescriptions - includes a fully integrated database of medications with dosages and interactions.
  • Labs - OSCAR McMaster is able to integrate with all of the major lab providers, including accepting HL7 imports. Ask us for more details!
  • Consults and Referrals - Instantly and easily fax your consults and referrals directly from OSCAR McMaster.
  • Chronic Disease Management - Receive alerts on your patients if they are overdue for visits and more.
  • e-Forms - One of the most powerful features of OSCAR McMaster is the e-Form capability. e-forms are based on HTML so are infinitely customizable and quick and easy to create. Use database calls to automatically complete patient or practitioner data.
  • Ticklers/reminders - Assign tasks and reminders to your staff with the powerful tickler reminder system. Track if/when tasks are completed.

The OSCAR McMaster EMR software is incredibly feature rich with the diversity and ability to support nearly all of the professions working in Canada today. As it's open source, there are multiple add-ons to help make billing even easier, as well as the ability to add automated appointment reminders, and self online booking for your patients.



of users and growing every day!

The OSCAR McMaster Community

Get involved in the OSCAR McMaster Community! The Oscarcanada.org webpage is open to all, from here you can find information about the evolution of OSCAR McMaster, news and updates, join a user group in your area, find community generated and approved e-forms and more!

As an OSCAR McMaster user you are always invited to one of the many OSCAR McMaster meetups where you can meet with other local members, and discuss and learn more about your EMR software.

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