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We have been with Juno since 2013. Their support is quick, friendly, fast and pain free. Either through email or phone, the support staff understand all our needs - no matter how mundane the problem is.

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At Juno we want to make sure all of our clients have the resources they need to succeed and get the most out of their OSCAR McMaster electronic medical records (EMR) installation, so we've compiled a few resources that we feel will be of benefit..

  • Want to get to know OSCAR McMaster from the ground up? Check out the user manual(pdf) and get up to speed.

  • We have developed our support knowledge base with common questions and answers from our clients. Submit a ticket or search for solutions! The support centre can always be accessed from within your OSCAR McMaster installation as well by clicking the 'help' link in the menu.

  • Like watching videos? You're in luck! We've created several how-to and instructional videos which can be found here

  • Need an e-form? oscarcanada.org has extensive lists of pre-built e-forms that you can freely access and upload to your OSCAR McMaster installation. Don't see the e-form you need? We provide e-form development!

  • Join and participate in the OSCAR McMaster community user groups


What is your Refund Policy?

Juno EMR Services offers a free 30-day trial on all new accounts. If you would like to continue using our service after 30-days, you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription through your account manager.

If you have upgraded to a paid subscription and you cancel your account you won't be charged again, but you are responsible for whatever charges have already been incurred for the current billing period. For example, if your billing cycle is on the 18th of every month, and you cancel on the 24th, you'll still have to pay for the current month, but you won't be charged again after that. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

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How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your Juno account at any time by contacting your account manager, sending an email to support@junoemr.com or by calling us at 1-888-686-8560. We charge subscribers on a month to month basis with no long-term contracts so you can cancel anytime and you will not be charged again.

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How are improvements to OSCAR McMaster made?

The OSCAR McMaster EMR software is an open-source development project managed primarily by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Aside from McMaster there is also a community of developers (like us) that contribute changes, additions, and bug fixes to the source code. We make changes based on feedback from our clients and we submit our code update requests on SourceForge. You can check out what the community is currently working on with the SourceForge tracker here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker?group_id=66701

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How are labs integrated?

Electronic Lab upload modules are integrated in OSCAR McMaster for most major lab providers in BC, Alberta and Ontario with HL7 file data standards. This includes Excelleris, LifeLabs, CML, and more! Some electronic lab uploads are manual and others are automatic. Contact us to find out which lab reports have been automated with our hosted system and which ones we are currently working on.

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What is an OSP (OSCAR McMaster Service Provider) and why do I need one?

OSCAR McMaster is an open-source project so the code is freely available for anyone to download and install with the technical know-how. Many people have the ability to set-up and maintain a secure and stable OSCAR McMaster system, most people do not. OSCAR McMaster Service Providers (OSPs) like Juno provide customers with the expertise to set-up, secure and maintain an OSCAR McMaster installation at generally far lower cost than a proprietary EMR system. Juno EMR Services is an ASP (Applications Service Provider) model OSP for OSCAR McMaster which means you are not required to buy and install servers in your office. For a complete list of the services we offer please click here.

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A great OSP can make a huge different when attempting to get your clinic running smoothly. It's always worth it to take the time to do the training, to watch the videos, and make sure you and your staff know how to get the most out of your OSCAR McMaster software.



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Want to see OSCAR McMaster in action? Then sign up for a free demo!

Or if you just want to see a video, we've created a brief overview demonstration below:

Want to get your hands dirty? We've opened up our demo servers so you can get in and see for yourself.

log into OSCAR McMaster 15 BC configuration

username: demo
password: Demo1234
2nd level passcode: 1234

log into OSCAR McMaster 15 Ontario Configuration

username: demo
password: Demo1234
2nd level passcode: 1234

log into OSCAR McMaster 15 Alberta Configuration

username: demo
password: Demo1234
2nd level passcode: 1234

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