Patient Engagement

Streamline your office processes using Juno EMR with our MyHealthAccess patient engagement platform. Save money while also offering a better service to your patients. Reduce no-shows, reduce staff time spent on the phone, and increase patient satisfaction.

MyHealthAccess Features

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders reduce no-shows by up to 35% and eliminate a huge part of your call out effort. Reminders can be sent by email or text message at intervals you define and with a script that you can easily customize. Automated appointment reminders are the zero effort way to instantaneously increase the revenue of your medical practice.

Secure Messaging

Use MyHealthAccess to securely communicate with your patients online. Access is protected by username/password credentials and users get automated email notifications when new messages are available to read in their MyHealthAccess accounts. Allowing patients to send messages to you electronically actually saves your office time. Instead of calling and interrupting office activities randomly throughout the day, electronic messages can be queued and answered in a synchronous manner when time permits.

Online Booking

Allow your patients to book online directly into your EMR using the MyHealthAccess website. Patients create accounts at MyHealthAccess and request a connection with your office which you then approve and match to a patient in Juno EMR. Once a connection is complete a patient can book directly into the schedule spots that you’ve defined as long as space permits. No more answering interrupting phone calls to book appointments. No more patients taking time out of their work day to reach you. Patients can book online, at their leisure, and find the right schedule slot that works for them, increasing patient satisfaction.

Over the past year MyHealthAccess has really helped our practice streamline our patient communications and reduce no-shows. Our patients are excited to connect with us online and are very happy with the service

Dr. Sachit Shah, Amari Medical

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