Medical Billing

Juno EMR gives you flexibility when it comes to managing your billing process. The majority of Juno EMR customers choose to integrate with our ClinicAid enterprise class billing software for no additional charge but the open-source program does come with a native billing interface for BC and Ontario if desired. Also, if you don’t have the time or experience to handle your own billing you can have us manage your billing for you!


ClinicAid is a top-of-the-line medical billing software that connects directly to the ministry in your province to submit claims to your government for payment. It automatically tracks your claim progress and allows you to quickly fix and resubmit your rejections. Track your progress and billing efficiency with our helpful dashboard and complete reports.

ClinicAid integrates seamlessly with Juno EMR so you will never need a second set of login credentials and it’s also a web based program so no software installation is required. The program’s full suite of billing features include batch billing, re-billing, billing opportunities reporting, invoice quick-create preferences and much more.

Be more efficient with your billing with ClinicAid.

ClinicAid has ministry connections in the following provinces:

  • British Columbia (BC) - Send and receive claims directly to/from the Ministry of Health’s MSP (Medical Services Plan) and Worksafe BC (aka WCB) through the Teleplan interface.
  • Alberta (AB) - Send and receive claims directly to/from AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, Alberta Health) through HLINK.
  • Saskatchewan (SK) - Send and receive bills directly to/from the Sask ministry of Health’s MSB (Medical Services Branch) through ICS (Internet Claims Submission).
  • Ontario (ON) - Send and receive bills directly to/from OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) using MCEDT (Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer) web services with your Go Secure account credentials.

ClinicAid also has a robust private billing system for creating and reconciling private and 3rd party claims with tracking to make sure no claims are missed.

Managed Billing Services

Don’t have the time or knowledge to handle your own billing? No sweat, let us take care of it for you. Juno EMR’s team of billing experts can take care of your Canadian RCM (revenue cycle management) activities for a price that won’t break the bank. Want to find out more? Contact our managed billing services team today at 888-686-8560 or