JunoEMR is an open-source electronic medical records software which is a branch of the OSCAR software released by McMaster University* under the GPL v2.0.

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Why make a branch?

The Juno EMR branch of the OSCAR software was developed out of the need for a different set of development priorities from those in place at the core of the OSCAR development world. In our view, the OSCAR core development priorities are centered around:

  • OntarioMD Certification for in-office installations
  • Inclusion and QA for 3rd party development that meet the needs of Oscar EMR members

At Juno EMR our priorities are somewhat different and we need a branch of the software that allows us to focus on those priorities which are:

  • Accessibility through our Cloud Hosting environment
  • Program and Feature Stability
  • Full Deployment of the New UI
  • Integrations with trusted 3rd Party Applications

What’s the same?

Juno EMR is built on the same core architecture as OSCAR, so the vast majority of all of the front-end features are very similar. As a medical office your workflow will remain unchanged and you will not have to worry about having to train your staff on a new program if they are already familiar with OSCAR. Doing a data migration from one software to the other is very simple as the database architecture is mostly the same.

Ok, so what’s different?

So, if the interface and database are largely the same, what makes Juno EMR different?

Firstly, At Juno EMR we’ve spent thousands of hours fine-tuning the software to have it run fast and securely in our remotely hosted environment meaning that it will function well at your medical office, home, hospital, or at whatever care facility you’re using to access it.

Secondly, in V15 of OSCAR the core development team released a “New UI” built on the newer Angular and Bootstrap front end design technologies which showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately the community has since deprecated this innovative new interface for lack of development resources to continue to improve upon it whereas Juno EMR is taking the time to fully release and make commercially viable the “New UI”.

Finally, we love integrations! At Juno EMR we’re working hard to improve the utility of our version of the software through secure integrations with other applications. Our ClinicAid integration greatly improves the billing process in 4 provinces. Our MyHealthAccess integration allows an office to connect with their patients through an app. Our host of 3rd party integrations enables faxing, forms, telelhealth, PHR and more.

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