Electronic Medical Records

  • Encounter and History noting with templates
  • Automated Lab reporting with inbox queuing
  • Prescriptions with allergy and drug interaction warnings
  • Measurement tracking (levels and vitals)
  • Prevention tracking and warnings
  • Many electronic forms are included and thousands more can be easily added
  • Consultation requests and queuing
Juno screenshot
The Juno EMR System has been designed to maximize your effectiveness as a physician or allied health provider. At Juno EMR we realize that an EMR is only valuable if it is actually better than a paper chart.
Just being electronic isn't de-facto enough!

Juno Benefits

Reduce searching time

No more sorting through large paper charts of patient histories wondering where that lab result is. All your lab and imaging results, prescriptions, preventions, and consults are displayed neatly in the interface tagged with indicators of what the object is. Find the data you’re looking for faster. Save time searching and spend it with your patient instead.

Forms forms forms!

The healthcare sector is clogged up with forms for everything imaginable. Stop filling out forms on paper and have electronic forms automagically prefilled with data from the patient’s history instead and then fax forms directly out from the EMR. Minimize the time you spend with forms by making them electronic.

Do more with better data

Lab results come automatically into your EMR and match to patient charts. Data points from lab results are mapped to measurements and are tracked in your EMR so you can see easily how those blood glucose levels are tracking over time. Always know what prescriptions your patients are on and quickly access their entire history. Our drug-drug interactions tables ensure that warnings are displayed for conflicting medications.

There are many more reasons why Juno EMR can save you time while allowing you to offer better patient care. Get in contact with our sales team today to learn how we can support your practice.