Cloud Hosted EMR

At Juno we maintain cloud hosted EMR software for your practice providing you with maximum accessibility, security and redundancy at a price that won't break the bank.

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Cloud vs Local

At Juno EMR we provide cloud-based EMR services for physicians and other health providers all across Canada. The “cloud” part of that statement means that we acquire server hardware on your behalf in a reputable Canadian datacenter and install your software there. As a client, you then access your software through a web browser just like you would your online banking.

A “local” EMR installation would be one where the software application was installed on a server within a client’s office.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we would suggest a cloud installation over a local installation:

  • Access

    With Juno EMR Services we set-up your EMR so that it is accessible anywhere in the world you have internet access and a web browser. PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile device, you’ll always have access to your records when you need it.

  • Security

    Our servers are located in secure colocation facilities around Canada that require security clearances to enter. Your data is stored on a secure server that is monitored by professionals. In addition, all connections to the server are secured and all data in transit is encrypted. This means your server and data are theft, fire, flood, power outage, and accident proof with the highest digital security possible. This same level of service cannot be matched with a local install.

  • Simplicity

    When you sign-up for a 30-day trial of Juno EMR, our systems will automatically install a brand new Juno EMR open-source software instance for you on our servers in minutes. That’s it. No other hardware required. Simply access your new EMR from any computer with an internet browser.

  • Price

    There are no servers to buy, no servers to upgrade, no servers to install. You pay only one simple monthly price with no setup fees. Additionally, because Juno EMR is open-source, the software code is free and you pay only for our hosting and support services. All of this results in a price that is half of what competitive EMRs charge.

  • Redundancy

    With our Cloud EMR services we install your EMR in a “primary” datacentre and then replicate all of the data that’s entered into it in real-time to a “secondary” backup datacentre across Canada. In the event of an emergency and your primary datacentre becomes inaccessible we can quickly switch you to a secondary datacentre to minimize downtime.

The main argument for having a local EMR installation over a cloud installation is that you could still have access to your program if your internet access goes down. While this is definitely a concern, we find that its always much simpler and much less expensive to simply have a secondary internet service at your office in case of an internet outage rather than investing in local server hardware and the required technical support and security to ensure your system is safe. This secondary access could be as simple as having a mobile phone or other cellular device you can use to check your EMR in a pinch, or as robust as having a second ISP bring a redundant internet access to your facility.

99.9998% Average uptime of our server hardware.

Rock-solid hosting in Canada

Juno uses multiple secure data centres in various locations across Canada to build our EMR cloud environment. We ensure that your Juno EMR primary installation is hosted in a data centre in your region of the country for optimal accessibility, while our other locations provide failsafes in case of technical difficulties so that your data is never lost.

Using industry standard security best practices, the data centres hosting your servers allow us to offer you the safest, most reliable open-source EMR system for your practice. The centres are designed to protect your data from unwanted access, theft, and physical damage from fire, water, and more. Security checkpoints exist in every data centre to ensure that no unauthorized access to servers is possible and the sites are constantly monitored by cameras.

Our rock-solid hosting strategy provides Juno customers with peace of mind.

With our fully redundant systems we ensure that you have maximum access to your EMR. In the extremely unlikely event one of our datacentres becomes unavailable, our technical support team will automatically move your access across the country to a cloned copy of your Juno EMR instance.

System Security

The Juno EMR team is dedicated to effectively managing your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software program to ensure that no unwanted access is possible. We use the applications service provider (ASP) model, providing your clinic with a fully hosted Juno EMR installation that is accessible from anywhere you need to access your EMR.

Juno EMR makes use of firewalls to protect your data from unauthorized access and any unnecessary functions or services are turned off to keep your EMR safe. All internet connections are made secure using the latest SSL and HTTPS protocols, similar to how you access your online banking, keeping your data from being accessed by anyone but you and your staff.

We use the latest, most reliable security measures to guarantee your patient records.

Automated Failover

The Juno team takes reliability seriously. In the unlikely event that your server becomes unavailable, our tech team always has fully redundant secondary servers running to ensure that you can still reach your EMR with minimal downtime and no loss of data. With Juno EMR we’ll be able to keep your practice going even if technical difficulties occur.