When do patients book online?

We’ve been running our MyHealthAccess online booking program with customers for over a year now and more and more appointments are being booked every month. We gathered some aggregated statistics on online bookings for the past 4 weeks and wanted to share with you some interesting graphs on when patients

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How MyHealthAccess saves Amari Medical Practice $45,600 per year

Click image to view full size! view online at: https://www.myhealthaccess.ca/amari_case_study or read the report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw46qn4O1vu9Q254MnlyM1h2VWs/view?usp=sharing

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The state of Telehealth in Canada

Telehealth services in Canada have been on the rise in recent years to help address the gap between traditional healthcare service demand and capacity. By providing health services through video conference, telephone, online, or accessing information remotely, healthcare workers are able to assist more

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Family Physician Growth in Canada

I recently saw this graph while checking out the CMA Physician Data Centre Research regarding Family Physician Growth in Canada and figured it was interesting enough to share. If interested, you can find the full report on Family medicine physicians here. The main takeaway for me is that in the last

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INFOGRAPHIC! Canadian Healthcare Spending

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